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Welcome to eHealth & Innovation

Supporting Innovation

                                           — Thomas Edison


The eHealth team’s goal is to position eHealth as a key enabler for the innovation and modernisation of patient care in NHS Tayside.

We are charged with the discovery, development and delivery of new products to our patients and staff, and work closely to support clinical service priorities. The creation of the eHealth Directorate in 2009 not only raised the profile of eHealth in Tayside, but also embedded its use into the day to day activities of clinicians to drive the quality improvement of healthcare services.

The eHealth team already has an established track record of collaborative working and supporting services for the Scottish Government, across a number of health boards and with Local Authority partners.

 We believe that international best practice has clearly demonstrated the ability of information technology to underpin and accelerate improved healthcare across the world.  This is ratified by the Scottish Government in their Quality Strategy (2010). In Tayside, we are committed to eHealth innovation as a key catalyst to a modern, safe and efficient 21st Century health service.


In the words of John Cleese, we try to be in the open mode!


                                                                            — John Cleese