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Welcome To Our eLearning Portal

 NHS Tayside Staff

Access an exciting range of eLearning materials here through the learnPro System


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Who can use the learnPro system ?
learnPro is available to all members of NHS Tayside staff,  including GP staff.

Do I need to register ?
The vast majority of NHS Tayside staff will have been automatically registered into the system.

If you do not have a valid NHSmail email account you must firstly complete the steps to get one, and will then be required to self-register into the LearnPro system.  Before starting self-registration you will need to have your NHSmail email address, your NHS Tayside LDAP username and the NHS Tayside learnPro Self-Registration Guide at hand before you can complete the process.

Also anyone who had an LDAP created after 22 August 2011 will be required to self-register.

FIrst time user ?

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Already registered with 'Learn Blood Transfusion' ?
It is important that 'learnbloodtransfusion' staff members do not re-register as this may have a knock-on effect to the existing and future records of learning for those staff.


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Not connected to "Staffnet" (or logging in from home)?


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For Further Information
Please email learnpro.tayside@nhs.net with your query